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    • "@Antedeluvian\n\nThe engineers I worked directly with at Echelon HQ were top notch and reasonable in my opinion. Their marketing group and senior management are the ones who oozed arrogance. Any yes, I believe Echelon was one of Mark Markkulas pet projects....and the management didn't let you forget it. They were vary paranoid in their relationship with Moto..one comment I specifically being that Moto was \"trying to steal their technology\". I will admit that Echelon was IoT before ANYONE thought of the concept. Having success in the IoT field is still eluding everyone today so Echelon can't really be blamed for missing that boat. I look fondly on that educational experience. "

    • "Ah Echelon! I worked with them and Motorola on a retrofittable home automation product in the late 90s. While I saw great promise in their technology, their enormous ego is what I believe killed them along with their love\/hate relationship with Motorola. Their onerous licensing fees and overpriced development tools were something to marvel at, even by todays standards. It's too bad really, I enjoyed working with their power line technology."