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  • Designing for the Intelligent Edge

    The intelligent edge brings a wide variety of new opportunities and challenges for virtually every industry. Embedded system makers will have to adapt to changes in customer expectations, and the right tools and consulting services can help you navigate... Read More

    Selecting and Applying DC Link Bus Capacitors for Inverter Applications

    This paper discusses how to go about choosing a capacitor technology (film or electrolytic) and several of the capacitor parameters, such as nominal capacitance, rated ripple current, and temperature, for power inverter applications of a few hundred watts ... Read More

    Case Study: Novioscan Helping Children

    Novioscan is a medical technology company that developed a wearable ultrasound device to help school-age children dealing with incontinence by measuring their bladder size and using discrete tactile feedback to notify them when they should use the... Read More

    How to improve productivity during the functional verification of PCIe designs with DMA engines

    This paper provides techniques to speed up the PCIe link training and initialization processes as well as PCIe device enumeration in order to reduce the initial simulation runtime required to set up tests targeted towards verification of DMA... Read More

    Implementing a Multi-Domain System

    Sensor-based designs, such as IoT systems, combine many design domains implemented on CMOS. Multi-domain design requires that analog, digital, RF, photonics, and MEMS elements are designed and work together within the system. This paper covers a solution... Read More

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The intelligent edge brings a wide variety of new... Read More

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