Power Optimization

Optimizing the power requirements for efficient designs while matching performance targets.


Optimizing non-volatile data-logging for energy harvesting IoT sensor nodes

For IoT sensors powered by energy harvesting, local data logging offers resilience from energy fluctuations but needs to be paired with a suitable... Read More


Software-driven power analysis

Power consumption is a major concern for developers of chips and systems ranging from portable battery-operated devices to the largest racks of... Read More


Designing interoperable battery chargers

The various charging standards and proprietary solutions have created a mess for consumers. A programmable solution using the USB Power Delivery... Read More


Optimizing wearable display power consumption

The wearables market is exploding, and imaginative designers are creating ever smaller form factors. Long battery life -- and hence low power... Read More


Integration of power:communication interfaces in smart true wireless headset designs

True Wireless Headsets (TWS headsets) attract attention thanks to better battery life, features, design and price points, but to be smart and user... Read More


Ensuring fail-safe data storage in battery-powered IoT sensor nodes

A trivial approach to IoT is to upload everything to the cloud and handle processing remotely but as more devices are connected, system designers will ... Read More


Reducing MCU power consumption without compromising response times

MCUs with autonomous peripherals can reduce software complexity while delivering faster response times at lower clock speeds and using less power. Read More


Reaping the benefits of instant-on FPGAs

Instant-on devices can operate in the early points of the system voltage’s power-up curve and serve a vital function in supporting complex power-on... Read More


Balancing memory performance and power consumption in IoT applications

A new generation of IoT devices are revolutionizing the way devices function and communicate but neither the components designed for high performance... Read More


Battery monitoring with ultra low power comparators

Small button- or coin-cell batteries power many of the portable consumer electronics in use today. This article discusses how some simple, low-power... Read More


Powering patient-connected equipment

This paper discusses two approaches for power systems within medical equipment for patient-connected applications. Read More


USB Type-C and power delivery 101 – Power delivery protocol

The USB Type-C Power Delivery (PD) specification can lower the cost and simplify the implementation of power delivery over USB. In this article, we... Read More


USB Type-C and power delivery 101 – Ports and connections

When paired with the new Power Delivery (PD) specification, Type-C offers enhancements to the existing USB 3.1 interconnect that lower the cost and... Read More


Accurate measurement of battery state-of-charge

This article examines how fuel gauging technology has evolved such that now technology exists that provides an accurate reading of battery... Read More


A close look at a faulty notebook battery

A reader offered to do further debugging on a previously mentioned faulty laptop battery and his conclusion might surprise you. Read More


Maintaining bus voltage using a bidirectional DC/DC regulator and supercapacitor charger

This LTC design note shows how to combine a supercapacitor charge controller with a robust DC-DC to make a wide input-range supply with transient... Read More


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