Prototyping & Development

Software and hardware tools, libraries, prototyping, development kits, and design management techniques.


Software design of state machines

Software for state machines faces difficulties in covering all of the conditionals associated with these structures. This article applies... Read More


Flash 101: Error management in NAND Flash

Data reliability is the most critical aspect of data storage, driving a need for use of different methods to detect and correct Flash memory errors or ... Read More


How NOR flash technology is making over-the-air firmware updates more reliable

Advanced NOR flash devices include several architectural features that can make them ideal for delivering the level of reliability required for... Read More


Using digital signatures for data integrity checking in Linux

The use of digital signatures is vital for ensuring the integrity of data as it moves through networks. This article walks through an example of using ... Read More


How to install a secure embedded Web server on a $3 WiFi device

Getting started with embedded development can be difficult and expensive, but in this article I will show you how to spin up FreeRTOS and the lwIP... Read More


IIoT edge development - Using OPC UA protocols

Similar to Modbus, the OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) protocol offers flexible machine-to-machine communications. This... Read More


IIoT edge development - Using Modbus

For IoT devices with limited hardware resources, the Modbus protocol provides a simple but effective solution for serial communication. This article... Read More


IIoT edge development - Using WebSockets

The WebSocket protocol is widely used for fast transfer of read-time data. Here's how to implement WebSockets in an edge device based on a Raspberry... Read More


IIoT edge development - Implementing HTTP connectivity

Edge devices serve a growing role in mediating connections between peripheral sensors and cloud hosts. This article describes how developers can... Read More


Flash 101: Errors in NAND Flash

The errors in NAND Flash can be classified into two major categories: permanent (non-correctable) errors due to memory wear and temporary... Read More


IIoT edge development - Prototyping devices

Large-scale IIoT applications rely on layered architectures to bring data from a broad range of sensors to the cloud. This article describes the key... Read More


Flash 101: Types of NAND Flash

Continuing the Flash 101 series, this article examines the different types of NAND Flash based on their internal architecture or the way data is... Read More


Linux device driver development: The GPIO interface and device tree

The GPIO interface and device tree provide the final elements that developers need to understand to deal with GPIOs using either legacy and new... Read More


Linux device driver development: The descriptor-based GPIO interface

Beyond the LInux legacy integer-based GPIO interface, the descriptor-based interface API is the recommended way to handle GPIOs in Linux. Read More


Requirements are a lifelong commitment

The vulnerability of connected devices drives the need for a lifelong commitment to building and maintaining the links between requirements and... Read More


Linux device driver development: The GPIO subsystem

Kernel GPIO subsystems provide every function you can imagine to set up and handle GPIO line from within your driver. This article describes the... Read More


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