All engineering-related events and conferences of interest to embedded systems developers.


ACE Awards to be announced at ESC Silicon Valley 2017

ESC Silicon Valley takes place in conjunction with the ACE (Annual Creativity in Electronics) Awards, and the ACE Awards Ceremony is the place to be... Read More


Compare and contrast AI APIs at ESC Silicon Valley 2017

Companies like Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft have developed APIs for vision, speech, and language, but how can we know which is best? Read More


How embedded hardware development has changed over the past 20 years

Having surveys going back for multiple decades is invaluable because this allows you to compare and contrast things and spot developing trends. Read More


Meet a new era of materials science at ESC Silicon Valley 2017

Nanofilms that improve the efficiency of solar cells and the sensitivity of optical sensors; complex structures that offer strong, light, and durable... Read More


Prepare to be terrified at ESC Silicon Valley 2017

Do we really know what we are doing and where we are headed with our latest and greatest technologies? Read More


Making new contacts and friends at ESC Silicon Valley 2017

In addition to visiting with existing friends at ESC Silicon Valley, you can also meet new faces, as well as getting together with people you’ve only... Read More


Latest trends in software licensing at ESC Silicon Valley 2017

Do you think that the fact software is marked as “open source” means you can do whatever you like with it? If so, you need to attend ESC Silicon... Read More


The clock is counting down to ESC Minneapolis 2017

The embedded Systems Conference (ESC) is the place to “see and be seen.” Will you be attending ESC Minneapolis, November 8-9, 2017? Read More


Meet the future at ESC Silicon Valley 2017

Most people today have little awareness as to the sort of new technologies we will be seeing in the next 5, 10, 15, and 20 years, or how these... Read More


Machine vision and plumbers' helpers at ESC Minneapolis 2017

What happens when a machine vision system is diverted from its usual task and asked to guess at an unexpected object or person? Read More


Hyper Reality at ESC Silicon Valley 2017

Do you remember the days before Photoshop when people could say something like, 'A picture never lies,' without laughing? Read More


Contemplating BabyX x.x at ESC Minneapolis 2017

Are you aware of the scary things those little rascals in the Laboratory for Animate Technologies at the University of Auckland in New Zealand are... Read More


Show-and-tell at ESC Silicon Valley 2017

Traditionally, a small group of ESC Silicon Valley attendees bring interesting "things" (components, systems, bits of old technology, etc.) to pass... Read More


Brain-Stem-Storming at ESC Minneapolis 2017

Once you've seen a homegrown relay-based computer in action, you'll find it hard to resist the lure of building something similar yourself. Read More


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