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    • "Like many others, I\u2019m always interest to learn more about the relative merits of different languages for firmware development.\n\nOne thing that struck me reading towards the end of this argument, is about the reference to the size of code... once it gets beyond 100-1000 lines, it is suggested C++ brings a ton of benefits.\n\nI often come across discussions between sales engineers and client engineers debating the relative merits of this core\/MCU, or that... this compiler or that... all interesting stuff... that often ends in a price discussion - and not a cost discussion... (!)\n\nAt a certain point a project becomes sufficiently complex that the dominant issues become development time, cost & risk, and future maintenance of the code. The costs of these - and\/or the savings that can come, and the much larger added value that comes from getting to money (not market) on time or even earlier can sweep aside the MCU core or tool chain arguments - by a factor of 10x or more on many occasions.\n\nI\u2019ve not taken the time to master C++, but language and tool features that promote faster code development, including testing and maintenance, shouldn\u2019t be dismissed out of hand.\n\nThis article and series of comments is a useful contribution to helping others consider this phenomenon."